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Welcome to Locksmith Sun City. We’re a business dedicated to all kinds of security hardware. With over ten years serving this amazing community we can assure you that our services are top class. We specialize in the crafting of keys, locks, safes and so on, we also can provide more advanced systems such as electronic devices and a 24/7 emergency line. Our mission is to give you the tools to protect that which you hold most dear.


When our founder, Leonard E. Hall retired, he refused to stay at home doing nothing. People like him can’t handle inactivity and have an urge for being useful to others. Being a locksmith all his life, he arrived at Sun City to spend his lasts days enjoying himself, playing golf, and of course, fixing some locks here and there! Despite retirement places being unusual locations for Locksmith businesses, he was confident about its success. “People need to feel secure wherever they are” he always said. He also saw it as a chance to create some jobs and help others keep busy. He obtained his permissions and met all regulations to open Locksmith Sun City finally in March 2012. With 68 years on his back, Leonard feels more alive than ever, and you can see him training new recruits for his business on a daily basis. We feel grateful to him for giving us a chance to become useful too, and that’s why we urge you to give us a call so we can show you what we can do to improve your security!
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